Monday, June 23, 2003

I can't understand the meaning of the reflection of my collegues in newspapers and online medias about the report of reuter and cnn .

I worked in internet in last years and I strongly agree with the reports and I think they are exact truth and nothing else !

The crowd and tries for petition remember me the james camron's TRUE LIE'S. :)):))

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Problem in newblogger?!
There is something wrong in my Persian weblog; I think it is because of some problems about supporting Unicode! I inform Pyralabs guys but I am trying to find out the main reason ( that I think it relates to new version of blogger )…

Sunday, June 01, 2003

me , Nima !

Hey ! Look at this :

Me (left) with my best freind and collegue , Saman Seifollahi ( right !!).

viva weblog !

When the wave of blogging published in iranian journalists Sina Motallebi, me and some others who came from syberjouranlism to printed media's became as thier guide, It was I think last autumn , and the interesting point was that I couldn't explain them what is the defrence of a website and a weblog...

after about 8 mounth now I can explain them what is the defrence the exact, Dave Winer has written a good and practical article about the charactristics of a weblog, I translated that and I used it in IT pages of our newspaper, FARHANG ASHTI.

the funniest part of dave's article is this part :
So, I think the BBC page is a weblog.

viva Dave! viva weblog ! :p

Hello World !

It's Fantastic to have a blog in a second lanaguage.
same as my persian weblog, hosein derakhshan made the willng of writing an english weblog in me! thanks hoder !

I am Nima Rasoulzade,an IT-Journalist and also a web-developer and IT-Profesional , I work in 2 ( or more) persian website as a writter, I will try to explain you what is going on Inofrtmation and comuincation tecnology of iran, ofcourse if my poor enlglish let me afford !

It will be kind of you informorming me about your comments and seggestion !

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